RAINDROP CONFECTIONS makes portrait and whimsical cookies using royal icing. We also create other types of delicious cookie delights.

Why Choose Us?

What began as normal holiday cookies, for family and friends in a matter of months, turned into a full business. I had forgotten I could paint. The last time I painted anything, must have been 17 years ago, and certainly not on cookies. 

As luck would have it, I began painting with royal icing, whimsical playful pictures and fun cartoon like faces, that have now turned into beautiful portraits. 

I love making people smile, and Raindrop Confections, is certainly spreading the love. 

“Not only are they individual works of art, they taste amazing! I served them to guests who hesitated eating them they were so beautiful. When they did they certainly wanted more.

Fast response when ordering, quick shipping and make perfect gifts.

Thank you so much!”

Marty M

About Us

Rain Pryor

Owner & Baker

Raindrop Confections, is the creation of actress, writer, baker, mother, and wife, Rain Pryor. Rain grew up in Los Angeles, and learned how to cook from her grandmother Bunny Bonis. It was inside joke in Rain's family, that only Grandma Bunny, shared the family recipes with Rain, leaving her aunt and mother clueless as to, what really went into making the brisket. 

To this very day, Rain hasn't given up Grandma's secrets. "It's how we bonded." says Rain.

Pryor has always been innovative in her career as an entertainer, and now as an amazing portrait and whimsical cookie artist. "Baking brings people together, and my cookies are a great conversation starter." 


We are an online business, operating out of Baltimore Maryland. If you see something you like email me, and I will get back to you. Shipping is included with the price. Payment method is PayPal. 

Store Hours

Monday — Friday

10:00 AM — 6:30


10:00 AM — 6:30